True Story

by Ty Montague

Is your company a storyteller—or a storydoer?

The old way to market a business was storytelling. But in today's world, simply communicating your story in the hope that customers will listen is no longer enough. Instead, your story must be expressed through every action your organization takes.

Today's most successful businesses are storydoers.

These companies create products and services that, from the very beginning, are manifestations of an authentic and meaningful story—one told primarily through action, not advertising. Indeed, the best run companies—from small startups to global conglomerates—organize around a coherent narrative that is then expressed through every action they take, from product design to customer service to marketing. Storydoing firms are more nimble, more adaptive to change, and more efficient businesses.

True Story is filled with examples of how forward-thinking organizations—including Red Bull, Shaklee, Grind, TOMS Shoes, and News Corporation—are effectively using storydoing to transform their organizations and drive extraordinary results.

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″Gone are the days when marketers can simply tell people what a brand stands for. More than ever, consumers demand authenticity and transparency. True Story is an insightful and compelling review of what it takes to build brands and businesses today.″

—Brad Jakeman, President, Global Beverages Group, PepsiCo, Inc.

″Who better to write about the power of story than Ty Montague? As relevant to CEOs as it is to CMOs, True Story leads the reader step by step through the process of combining product and narrative into one meaningful and unforgettable consumer experience.″

—Roo Rogers, Partner, Fuse Project; coauthor, What's Mine Is Yours

″In an age where just communicating your brand isn’t enough, Ty Montague has given businesses a way to think about brand building from the bottom up. True Story outlines a four-step process to discover your company's unique story and then explains how to fold that story into every action you take. An essential guide for any company looking to grow its business.″

—Danielle Tiedt, CMO, YouTube

″The power of 'storydoing' shouldn’t be underestimated. If you consistently define your brand through action, your brand will take vivid shape in every consumer’s mind. Ty Montague has done a great job creating a path that any company can use to reach its goals.″

—Peter Sachse, Chief Stores Officer, Macy's

″Unlike so many books that simply collect case studies that you can't apply to your own situation, Ty Montague's book provides a blueprint and a road map for putting these insights into action. The power to uncover your own brand narrative—and live it—is in your hands right now.″

—David Webster, General Manager, Marketing Strategy, Microsoft Corporation