Ty is a frequent speaker on topics at the intersection of story and business, including story and leadership, story-led innovation, creativity in business and business transformation.

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The Power of StoryDoing

Workshop, Fast Company Innovation Festival

October 26th 2017 New York, NY

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September 19th 2017, Helsinki Finland


KEYNOTE, Reckitt Benckiser Private Event

July 18th 2017, Philadelphia

From Storytelling to StoryDoing

Keynote, Camara de Comercio Cali

May 11th, 2017 Cali, Colombia

Quest Led Innovation

Fast Track Workshop, Fast Company Innovation Festival

November 3rd, 2016 New York, NY

Experimentation & the Hunt for a New Model

Keynote Speaker, Mirren Live Conference

May 18th 2016, NYC

From Storytelling to StoryDoing

Keynote Speaker, Swiss Marketing Day

March 8th 2016, Luzerne, Switzerland

Ty Montague, author of True Story
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Whitespace vs. rightspace: How Quest-led innovation helps you find the right space for breakthrough innovation

Keynote Speaker, Chief Innovation Officer Summit

December 8th 2015, NYC

Whitespace vs. rightspace: How Quest-led innovation helps you find the right space for breakthrough innovation

Keynote Speaker, Chief Innovation Officer Summit

May 21st - 22nd 2015, San Francisco

It’s 2015. What’s a store for, anyway?

Keynote Speaker, Google Retail Leadership Summit

July 14th 2015, NYC

Regenerating Connection: 'Storydoing' for Authenticity and Lasting Brand Value

Sustainable Brands 2014 | San Diego

May 28th 2014

Ty Montague espoused the value of a new term he recently coined: storydoing*. Citing Zappos, TOMS, and Patagonia as examples, he said storydoing companies put their stories at the center of their business and perform better than mere “storytellers.”

Ty Montague true Story-H264 SB14 from Sustainable Brands on Vimeo.

What’s the difference between storytelling and storydoing ?

Sustainable Brands 2014 | London

November 3rd, 2014

Previous Years

#Rethink the CEO

Speaker, Grind's #Rethink Speaker Series

July 2013, NYC

The title CEO conjures up images of square-jawed operational and financial wizards—no nonsense leaders who know their way around a spreadsheet. But many leaders today are underprepared to run the company of the future, because they have little training in the power of story. Ty Montague, co-CEO of co:collective argues that the most successful companies in the world today are run by leaders who understand the core narrative of their business, and enact that story in the world through every action their company takes. Montague calls these companies storydoing companies and will explain how the future belongs to leaders who operate not only as CEO's but as Chief Story Officers.

From Idea to Market:
Trends in Product Design and Development

Panel, NYU Stern's Dynamic Marketing Landscape Conference

November 2012, NYC

A panel focused on innovations in marketing: what's new, and what's next.

Truth, Lies and Storytelling

Guest lecturer, Columbia Business School

June 2012, NYC

Classroom presentation to Columbia Business School students on the topic of value creation through story.


Guest Lecturer, Wharton School of Business

September 2011

Talk given to several groups of Wharton MBA students on the topic of Creativity: What is it? How to create an environment where it flourishes. How to apply it better in business.

From Story to Action

Speaker/Moderator, GE AdForum
(Corporate Event)

November 2011, NYC

A talk and facilitated workshop for director and manager level employees within GE's global marketing divisions including representatives from a variety of product verticals (i.e. health care, appliances, etc.). The purpose of the day was to stimulate GE people to think creatively about the ways to convey GE's product stories through action.

New Models of Orchestration, New Revenue Models

Speaker, Future of Advertising Conference

Wharton School of Business, October 2011, PA

A talk on the forces that led to the creation of co:collective, how the model works and what we have learned so far. Including a discussion of:

  1. The explosion of brands, channels, specialist experts.
  2. The implosion of time, money and audience size.
  3. The broken process for innovation created for previous (TV) age.

Story-led Innovation

Speaker, HBA Global Exposition and Conference

June 2011, NYC

Annual B2B industry event for cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, fragrance, packaging and more. A panel discussion/presentation about different models for innovation including a discussion of companies that use their story as a guiding force in their innovation process.

The Story of the Spike Re-brand

Speaker (presented jointly with client), PromaxBDA Conference

June 2011, NYC

Promax BDA is a marketing/promotion conference for TV, Cable, etc. The story of the Spike rebrand took the audience through the re-brand, the challenges, the tactics and the process.

Story-led Innovation

Speaker, Contagious' Future Flash Conference

May 2011, Toronto

There is a new kind of company in the world that is driving innovation in a new way: by using a core narrative or story. Rather than innovate randomly, these companies use a core story called a metastory that is understood by the whole company to help define white-space and areas of opportunity and then create innovations that makes their story real in the world. Learn some of the secrets of these story-led innovators, or storydoing companies which include companies like RedBull, TOMS Shoes and Tory Burch.

Marketing in the New Age

Panel, Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored Conference

April 2011, NYC

Conference targeted at new ideas and radical creativity which are upending status quo in the business world, exploring each to determine how and why these changes matter.

Truth, Lies and Storytelling

Speaker, Power to the Pixel Conference

April 2011, NYC

Ty Montague, founder and CEO of co:collective, a storydoing collective, talks about the fearsome power of story, in art, in commerce, and in life. Montague argues that it is not skill, or luck, or destiny, but story that determines success or failure in almost every human endeavor.